Published by Angela Sanchez on December 6, 2017

How to Detail Your Car and Give It a Makeover

Can a major cleaning boost the value of your car? To answer that question, we put out a call to find the dirtiest car in our company parking lot. The 2006 Ford Freestyle (above) won the prize; the outside didn’t look too bad, but the inside made us gag. We had it appraised at a…

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Published by Angela Sanchez on December 4, 2017

What Should a Full Car Detailing Service Include?

At a car detailing service professionals using special tools will clean your vehicle of dirt and road grime, both inside and out and in detail. In addition to having a very clean car, the process of car detailing will also help to keep the vehicle in excellent condition and therefore retain more resale value. The…

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Published by Angela Sanchez on October 26, 2017

10 Weeks from Storyboard to Greenlit

If you are thinking of jumping on the Virtual Reality (VR) bandwagon and making a game then the team at GamestormVR may be able to provide you with some inspiration. The Senior Concept Artist is responsible for creating original and imaginative concept art for characters, environments and other game assets. Like many people, they thought…

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