Published by Angela Sanchez on April 2, 2020

What are the Tenets of Early Childhood Education?

Early childhood education courses Sydney is a relatively new area of study-becoming popular within the past few years. There are a number of different early childhood education opportunities in Lake Bluff that your family and children can take advantage of. What are the tenets of early childhood education? How does it differ from primary or secondary education? Here are some of the basic tenets behind early childhood education:

Helping children become involved in daily activities. Daily routine is an important part of life. Children start practicing a daily routine even before they start school. By allowing children to be involved in preschool or in daycare, you’re giving your child a start to a good routine that they will continue into the future.

Health and wellness education and promotion. Health and wellness are areas in which people in our society struggle with. Obesity is more of a problem than ever before-it’s even considered to be an epidemic in some areas. Many don’t know how to take care of their bodies properly, and they’re struggling to figure out how to balance a diet. With our lives in front of computer screens, it’s harder for us to go out and do physical activity as well. Because of this, schools are trying to stress healthy eating and exercise much more and it has to start early in life. A good early childhood education program in Lake Bluff will take this into account and work with your little ones so that they understand the importance of a good diet and exercise.

Assisting families in transitioning their children to school effectively. Families are a huge part of a child’s education, and without them, the child will not be able to transition very well. That being said, it’s important that families understand their role in their child’s education. Early childhood practitioners come alongside families and show them tools they need in order to help their children to succeed. In early childhood programs, children will be able to gradually shift to the new routine that they need and their families will be able to support them.

Early childhood education opportunities within Lake Bluff are important to take advantage of. One of the schools you can choose from is East Lake Academy, located in Lake Forest, Illinois. The East Lake Academy is a Roman Catholic School that is focused on helping children to reach their fullest potential. Supported by the archdiocese of Chicago, East Lake Academy is accepting applications for next year. You can find more information on their website, You can also call the school and they can answer any questions that you may have – call during regular business hours, at 847.247.0035.